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Film Cycles

Winter Term 2018/2019 Jia Zhangke: My Camera Doesn’t lie
Winter Termin 2017/2018 Periphery at the Centre: China’ s Borders
Summer Term 2017 好好学习,天天向上 Education and Youth in China
Winter Term 2016/2017  Food is People’s Heaven 
Summer Term 2016  To rebel is justified: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, Trauma, Memory and Visual Culture
Winter Term 2015/2016 Looking for the Good Life: Transnational Chinese – Migration, Identity and Belonging
Summer Term 2015 Fliegende Fäuste, edle Körper und tugendhafte Helden: China, Hong Kong und der Martial Arts Film

 Film Newsletter

21.11.2018 Film Newsletter November 2018
21.12.2018 Film Newsletter December 2018
30.01.2019 Film Newsletter January 2019


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