Meet Our Researchers: Yingjie Fan

Meet Our Researchers: Yingjie Fan

Ms Fan obtained her Ph.D. in the Sichuan University in China in June 2017, majoring in Chinese legal history. Her research focuses on Local System and Grassroots Social Governance in China. The topic of her dissertation is the Practice of the New County System in Rongxian County, Sichuan in the Republic of China (1939-1949). Ms Fan received degree of Master of International Law in Sichuan University in 2011. Her research focuses on the Introduction of International Law and China in the Late Qing Dynasty.




Selected Part Articles

Study on the reform of district under the new situation of Rongxian County —-Also on the significance of the local legal history, Law Review of Sichuan University, Vol. 19 (Nov.2020), 27-43.

Official document innovation and grassroots society’s politics—–The practice of official document system in Rongxian County of the Republic of China, Review of the History of Law, Vol. 10(2018), 148-164.

The local practice and dilemma of the social relief system in the Republic of China—- A case study of Rongxian County Relief home, Southwest Jurisprudence, Vol. 1(2018), 73-90.

On the Institutional Change in the Local Defense System—-A Case Study of the Practice of Winter Defense System in Rongxian County in the Republic of China, by Zan Li and Yingjie Fan, in Journal of Sichuan University Philosophy and Social Sciences(Feb.2017), 46-53.



A study on the culture of incorruptible government in China and abroad, (Second author),Sichuan University Press, 2017.