Film Cycle

Film Cycles

The Film Series at the Department of East Asian Studies provides an engaging and flexible study experience, intended to introduce students to a wide scope of East Asian films. Each semester features a specific topic with 6-7 screenings and provides ample opportunity for participants to discover, analyze and argue about film. Our screenings are followed by a moderated discussion and all students are welcome to participate!

Recent topics of our Film Cycle have included: Jia Zhangke: My Camera Doesn’t Lie, Periphery at the Centre: China’s Borders, Education and Youth in China, Homosexuality in Asia, Body and Identity in East Asia, Migrant Workers in China, Nature and Enviroment in China as well as Hong Kong Martial Arts Film.We screen and discuss 16 – 20 films as part of our special film classes per year.

Starting with the summer term of 2015 our films are available for search and loan at the University library. For further information regarding catalogue and library loan please refern to the Göttingen State and University Library.

Film Program
Lecturer: Katja Pessl

Summer Term 2024
Femmes of the Frame: Exploring Women’s Voices in Sinophone Cinema

Winter Term 2023
The Embodied Nation: Martial Arts and Decolonization in Sinophone Cinema

Winter Term 2022
Beyond the City: Representing the Rural in Sinophone Film, Part 1

Summer Term 2022
Coming of Age in Sinophone Film: Transitions and Struggles in Uncertain Times

Winter Term 2021/2022
Social Transformations in PostMao China: Cinematic Encounters

Summer Term 2021
History Through the Prism of Family Memories
in cooperation with Dr. Sascha Klotzbücher (Deparment of East Asian Studies, University of Göttingen)

Winter Term 2019/2020
Imagining Hong Kong: Identity, Locality and Belonging

Summer Term 2019
Taiwan New Cinema & Beyond: History, Identity and Belonging

Winter Term 2018/2019
Jia Zhangke: My Camera Doesn’t Lie

Winter Termin 2017/2018
Periphery at the Centre: China’ s Borders

Summer Term 2017
好好学习,天天向上 Education and Youth in China

Winter Term 2016/2017
Food is People’s Heaven

Summer Term 2016
To rebel is justified: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, Trauma, Memory and Visual Culture

Winter Term 2015/2016
Looking for the Good Life: Transnational Chinese – Migration, Identity and Belonging

Summer Term 2015
Fliegende Fäuste, edle Körper und tugendhafte Helden: China, Hong Kong und der Martial Arts Film

Winter Term 2014/2015
Environmental and Social Challenges in China