Research Areas

CeMEAS’ focus areas are:

History of Modern East Asia in Global Perspective
The Research Area, History of Modern East Asia in Global Perspective, is anchored within the humanities but has a strong interdisciplinary impetus in the field of transregional studies. With a focus on intellectual history as well as China’s transnational and global connections in the past and present, researchers address a multitude of questions warranting interdisciplinary collaboration.

State and Market
This topic investigates the relationship between state and market and emphasizes the implications that the strong role of the state in economic activities has on economic, political, and social outcomes in East Asia. Combining the perspectives from business studies, economics, and political science, this Research Area covers topics ranging from human resources and management, trade and investment, to the institutional design of governmental and non-governmental organizations in East Asia.

Globalization and Development
Covering the period from modern to contemporary East Asia, Globalization and Development investigates the causes and consequences of East Asia’s economic rise and the region’s integration into the world economy and global governance structures. This Research Area brings together researchers working on globalization and development from various perspectives, including economics, political science, law, and agriculture science, whereas research of present-day events is enriched by historical analysis and perspectives.

Environment and Sustainability
The Research Area, Environment and Sustainability, fosters interdisciplinary research focused on questions such as ecology, sustainable development, pollution, and natural disasters in East Asia.

Rural and Agrarian Transformations
Scholars within this rubric foster interdisciplinary research focused on poverty reduction, agricultural and food system transition, as well as labor and employment patterns in rural areas of East Asia.

Rule of Law and International Relations
This research area investigates the institutional design of international and regional organizations, as well as international and national legal regimes and legal reforms in East Asia, including by way of comparative analysis.

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