Research Projects


2020-2024: Welterzeugung („Worldmaking“) in China – globale Perspektiven (Research Network with University of Heidelberg & FU Berlin)


2016–ongoing: Intellectual Landscapes in Transition: Contested Knowledge Spaces in China and India


2015–ongoing: Empirical Analyses of Emerging Donors in Development Cooperation




2019-2022: Remeasuring China. The Complex Contexts of Chinese Weights and Length Measurements Reforms (ca. 1927-1937)


2018-2022: Modern Chinese & Global History (Anneliese Maier Forschungspreis Prof Wang Hui/ Tsinghua University)


2019-2021: From I Ging to I Ching: A Study of the Wilhelm/Baynes Translation of the Book of Changes (Kooperation mit City Univ. Hong Kong)


2019-2021: The New Silk Road. Implications for Higher Education and Research Cooperation between China and Europe (Research network with  Harvard/Utrecht/Oxford/Shanghai Jiaotong)


2018-2021: Interjurisdiktionaler Wettbewerb und Kooperation in China: Eine Analyse von Ursachen und Politischen Maßnahmen auf der Kreisebene


2018-2021: Cosmopolitanism in Europe and China


2019-2020:  Japan & Global History


2017-2019: Inter-Asia Research Group


2017-2019: K.I.T.F.E.M. (Knowledge and Innovation in to and from Emerging Markets)


2015-2017: New Religiosities in Turkey: Reenchantment in a Secularized Muslim Country?


2017: Neue Kooperationsformen zwischen Schulen und Unternehmen im chinesischen Berufsbildungswesen


2017: Clio Stranded: World History in Twentieth-Century China


2016: The haiku Between East–East & West: An Inquiry into the Entangled History of a Buddhistic Poetic Genre in Modern Turkey


2013-2017: CETREN – Transregional Research Network