CeMEAS WORKSHOP & Film Screening: Martial Aesthetics before and after Bruce Lee

CeMEAS WORKSHOP & Film Screening: Martial Aesthetics before and after Bruce Lee

15.-16. February, 2024, University of Göttingen

Venue: KWZ, Heinrich Düker Weg 14, Room 2.739

Participation in the workshop program is open and free.

2023 marks the 50s anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death with only 32 years in 1973. While his physical abilities with regard to actual fighting are still debated to this day, his influence on cinema, mass media, and martial practice alike, is undisputable.

  • This workshop aims to explore the multifaceted influence of Bruce Lee on  these various domains from cultural, political, and social  perspectives. Key questions to be addressed include:How did Bruce Lee’s aesthetics shape Chinese and global martial arts cinema?
  • What are examples of Bruce Lee/Martial Arts-references in popular media-culture?
  • How is the popular understanding of martial arts influenced by Bruce Lee?
  • In what ways has the practice of martial arts been influenced by Bruce Lee’s ideas and aesthetics?How is Bruce Lee perceived in China today?
  • How has Bruce Lee contributed to the empowerment of minorities?

The workshop endeavors to shed light on the diverse ways in which Bruce Lee has left his mark on global popular culture.



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Institute of Sport Sciences (Sports and Health Sociology), Dr. Martin Minarik
Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS), Katja Pessl


Bruce Lee remembered: A statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars on the Kowloon waterfront, Hongkong; August 2015
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Bruce Lee remembered
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