East Asia Research Salon

The Göttingen East Asia Research Salon

East Asia Research Salon event calendar

Intellectual exchange
Serving as a venue for PhD students in the field of East Asian Studies, our Salon encourages young researchers to meet, network and present their work. It brings a new generation of scholars together with established researchers to create a vibrant hub ofscholarly exchange and collaboration.

Spirited debate
Each of our Salons is a small group gathering hosted by a young faculty member. Participants are invited to discuss their dissertation research, but are also expected to move
beyond their individual topics and engage with the wider research community.

Present your research project
Presenting your research project to peers and faculty members at the Centre provides you valuable feedback and supports your research through access to new ideas. Participation in the Salon introduces you to a network of scholars that can be invaluable to your career and future research projects.

The East Asia Research Salon welcomes new participants and the opportunity to initiate and develop mutual research projects. Please feel free to contact us!