CeMEAS Ordnung - Statutes

Advancing Transdisciplinary Research and Education in East Asian Studies

Since 2012 the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS) assumes a pivotal role in the University’s strategy to fortify research and education in the field of East Asian Studies.
Positioned as a multi-regional and multi-disciplinary research center within the University of Göttingen, CeMEAS is dedicated to fostering transdisciplinarycooperation and driving innovative research projects.
CeMEAS places significant emphasis on integrating diverse disciplines and conducting area-focused research, thus nurturing talents from across the globe and actively supporting advancements in the field of East Asian Studies. In line with these objectives, CeMEAS strives to cultivate new capacities and structures that facilitate the generation of transdisciplinary knowledge. By advocating for a global studies approach in exploring the region, CeMEAS also aims to enrich the global curricula across the University.

The Pillars of Our Centre & CeMEAS’ Statutes
The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Social Sciences jointly run CeMEAS. The faculty of primary involvement is the Faculty of Humanities. CeMEAS’ main bodies are the Member Assembly, the board, and the acting director. Additionally, CeMEAS has an External Advisory Board.

Please find our center’s statutes here, and refer to the link for further details.