ASC Conference Program

ASC Conference Programme


Friday, 30 November

Time Slot Participants Title
13:15-14:15 1.       Daniel Koss Keynote Address (Title TBA)
14:30-16:45 1.       Carolin Kautz

2.       Meng Ye

3.       Nis Grünberg and Andreas Mulvad

Governance Mechanisms in Flux


1.        “Party Discipline Enforcement and the Self Domination of the CCP” (Kautz)

2.       “Between Judicial Autonomy and Party Authority” (Meng)

3.       “Managing Hegemony: Unpacking Chinese Communist Raison D’Etat in the Age of Xi” (Grünberg and Mulvad)



17:00-18:30 1.       Antonia Hmaidi

2.       Jan Brzoska

Quantitative Insights into the Chinese Economy


1.       “Dyadic Political Relations and Chinese Outward Direct Investment” (Hmaidi)

2.       “Short-Term Automotive Market Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks” (Brzoska)

18:30 Dinner at Uni Göttingen Faculty Club (next to conference facility)


Saturday, 1 December

Time Slot Participants Title
9:00-11:15 1.       Liu Tao

2.       Sascha Klotzbücher

3.       Katja Levy

New Perspectives on Social Policy


1.       “Digitalizing Social Policy against the backdrop of ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Industry 4,0’” (Liu)

2.       “Political Sensitivity as a ‘Technology of the Self’: Disciplining Medical Protestors after 2012, offline and online” (Klotzbücher)

3.       “Social Innovators in an Authoritarian Setting—the Role of Foundations in the PRC” (Levy)

11:30-12:15 1.       Elena Meyer-Clement

2.       René Trappel

Rural-Urban Integration


1.       “From ‘New Socialist Countryside’ to ‘New-Type Urbanization’ and ‘Beautiful Villages’: What is new in rural China?”


13:30-15:45 1.       Adam Knight

2.       Genia Kostka, Lukas Antoine and Jana Pannier

3.       Anna Shpakovyska

 Digital Governance


1.       “In Laotianye We Trust: Credit, Morality and Governance in China’s Exemplary Society” (Knight)

2.       “Social Behavior and China’s Emerging Social Credit System—Does it Actually Change Citizens’ Behavior?” (Kostka)

3.       “From Deputy to Blogger: An Empirical Map of Political Representation in the Chinese Cyberspace” (Shpakovyska)

16:00 Discussion with Frank Pieke on MERICs Future Strategy and the Role of Academic China Specialists
16:30 ASC Board Meeting