CeMEAS Lecture Series on Modern China 2014


CeMEAS Lecture Series on Modern China 2014

The central concern of this year’s lecture series is the reflection of China’s rise and its consequences for the world as well as China’s homeland affairs. Background is that despite the common notion of the Asian Century there are shortcomings in our understanding of the significance and character of China’s rising power from the periphery to the centre of the international system. CeMEAS invited a number of experts from various disciplines, such as Architecture, Politics, Law, History and East Asian Studies from all over the globe to talk about China’s global impact in the 21st century.

24.04.2014      2 pm       VG 2.101       Prof. Dr. Jörn- Carsten Gottwald (Ruhr- Universität   Bochum):
Des Kaisers neue Kleider? Chinas Führungs- Rolle in den G20

25.04.2014      2pm        KWZ 0.608    Dr.phil.Dr.rer.med.Dominique Hertzer:
Wahnsinn oder Weisheit? Eine chinesische Perspektive

08.05.2014      2 pm       VG 2.101       Dr. Daniel Large (Central European University): Developing security, securing development? Chinese foreign policy, norms evolution and the challenges of security in Africa

21.05.2014      6 pm                             Prof. Selçuk Esenbel (Boğaziçi University):
Japan on the silk road

23.05.2014      2pm        KWZ 0.608    Dr.phil.Dr.rer.med.Dominique Hertzer:
Wie traditionell is die Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin wirklich?

11.06.2014      2 pm       KWZ 0.610    Dr. Dan Smyer Yu (Max Planck Institute):
Post- Orientalist Perceptions on Tibet between China and the West: Essentialization, Geopolitics and Topophilia

19.06.2014      6 pm       KWZ 0.610    Botschafter a.D. Dr. Michael Schäfer
Sechs Jahre als Botschafter in China – eine persönliche Bestandsaufnahme

09.07.2014      6 pm       KWZ 0.608    Prof. Dr. Tseng Yen-fen曾嬿芬教授
Factors Shaping Migration Regime: The Case of Taiwan in Comparison to Japan and South Korea

14.07.2014      2 pm       KWZ 0.608    Prof. Dr. Lo Shih-chieh
Lord Yang – A God and His Special Role in Local Politics of Late Qing China (1840 – 1867)


Picture: Thibauld Nion, Infranchissable, CC BY-SA 2.0,https://www.flickr.com/photos/tibonihoo/12158768584/