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Workshop: The Sound Topography of Göttingen (SOTO-Gö) 哥廷根声音地貌

September 2020

Workshop: The Sound Topography of Göttingen (SOTO-Gö) 哥廷根声音地貌
September 19, 2020




Dr. Yumin Ao
Global and Transregional Studies Platform, University of Göttingen
Centre for Modern East Asian Studies, University of Göttingen
For  more information regarding the workshop and registration, please see the webpage of Yingming Theater: https://yingmingtheater.com/events/workshop/ 

The Sound Topography of Göttingen (SOTO-Gö) “哥廷根声音地貌”工作坊将带领参与者从探索城市声音开始,从有意识地倾听到声音工厂,然后到理解剧场音效的设计和挖掘剧本潜台词,最后再返回到对于自我与社群关系的思考。工作坊以过程为导向,让参与者通过合作完成一项项任务的方式,去重新 定义戏剧艺术场域里的“维度” “现场” 与“虚实”,并在个体连接社群的有效互动中,去突破对戏剧与现实美学关系的常规考量。

Abstract: The “sound” in the project of the Sound Topography of Göttingen (SOTO-Gö) refers to sounds collected in the city of Göttingen. “Topography” originally means in ancient Greece the description of a place, but in the SOTO-Gö project, we loan the term and use it in a broad sense which is related to a map. The project is concerned with local information about sound sources in general, including natural and artificial sound features. It involves the recording of sounds, the identification of specific sound-forms, and the mapping of the recorded sounds. The project-based approach requests participants to create a sound-map online together, which can demonstrate the phonic identity of Göttingen’s urban community. Moreover, through describing personal sensory details for sounds, participants may reveal the transformative dimension of their individual attitudes towards listening. When listening consciously and actively, one becomes a good practitioner in community involvement and will be able to further one’s understanding that community connections are significant and integral features of the self. Analysis of the roles performed by the sound effects in theater and subtexts of drama contributes to the completion of this project.
Key words: sound, subtext, topography, listening, community, the self

摘要:哥廷根声音地貌(SOTO-Gö)项目中“声音”是指在哥廷根市采集到的声音。 “地貌”一词最初在古希腊语中指的是对位置的描述,但是在本项目中,我们借用了该术语,并在广义上使用它来指代地图。该项目关注有关声音资源的本地信息,包括自然和人工的声音。活动涉及声音的记录、特定声音形式的识别以及将采集到的声音标示在地图上。项目要求参与者共同在线创建声音地图,以显示哥廷根城市社区的语音特性。此外,通过描述自身对声音的感受,参与者可以改变他们对于聆听的个人态度。我们认为,当有意识地积极地倾听时,人们就会成为社区的良好实践者,并能够进一步理解与社区建立联系也是构建自我的重要组成部分。对剧场音效和剧本潜台词的分析也是本次工作坊的重要组织部分。



September 2020
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Dr. Yumin Ao


Göttingen University Campus