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The Wandering Earth and China’s Construction of an Alternative Cosmopolitanism

VG 2.103

29. June (Thursday), 18:15 - 19:45 VG 2.103 Abstract: As an epoch-making event in the history of the Chinese sci-fi film industry, The Wandering Earth boasts the extraordinary acting skills of cinema superstars and fabulous special effects. Instead of providing a description of the technical issues surrounding the film's production, this paper looks at the film as a …

Film Screening: Songs of Abdul

KWZ 0.610

New series of film screenings - Beyond Borders: Visions of Central Asia Save the dates for our "Visions of Central Asia" series,  where we delve into the landscapes, traditions, and narratives that define this diverse region. Our selection of films offers a lens into the multifaceted identities and social dynamics of Central Asia fand we …

Before China Studies: Private Foundations and Cold War Politics in Colonial Hong Kong

VG 2.103

6. July (Thursday), 18:15 - 19:45 VG 2.103   Abstract: The founding of the University Service Centre in Hong Kong in 1963 was a significant event in the development of China studies. Thanks to the city's adjacency to mainland China and the Carnegie Corporation's funding support, the Centre since its very beginning has become the …

Confucius as a Cosmopolitan: Thought and Practice

KWZ 0.601

07. July, 14:00-16:00 KWZ 0.601   Abstract:  Based on the Analects and other texts related to Confucius in classical period and taken "cosmopolitanism," a concept with long history in the Western tradition as a counterpart for comparison, this talk aims to probe the thought and practice of Confucius as a cosmopolitan and point out the feature and …

Hegelian Master Narratives and Periodizing Japanese and Chinese Modernity

OEC 0.168

11. July, 16:00 - 18:00 OEC. 0.168 Abstract: Scholars of Asian studies have something of a love-hate relationship with Hegel; they love to cite him as the epitome of Eurocentrism, modernization theory and the legitimation of colonialism. Despite their prevalence, such criticisms overlook both the complexities of Hegel’s philosophy and the different ways in which …

Transnational Knowledge Transfers Between China, Europe, and the United States: Actors, Institutions, and Dynamics, 1924-1935

VG 2.103

13. July (Thursday), 18:15 - 19:45 VG 2.103   Overview The two talks of this joint session interrogate processes of knowledge transfer between China, the United States, and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. Focusing on two distinct organizations– the China Foundation (based in Shanghai and New York) and the League of Nations (based in …

  The 15th CEA (Europe) and 34th CEA (UK) 2023 Annual Conference: Sustainable Development in a Changing Era: China and the World

Historical Building of the State and University Library Göttingen Pauliner Church - Lecture Hall Am Papendiek 17, Göttingen, Germany

The 15th CEA (Europe) and 34th CEA (UK) 2023 Annual Conference: Sustainable Development in a Changing Era: China and the World   Co-organizers: CEA Europe/UK, University of Göttingen Date: 14-16 July 2023 14 July:  preconference workshop “Sustainable Food System” Venue:  University of Göttingen, Germany Local Organizers: Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, University of Göttingen Centre …

Education and democracy in modern China

KWZ 0.602

Abstract: Institutional change in education and the cultivation of a qualified citizenry were two sides of the same coin of developing democratic education in modern China. At stake is to understand how democratic education filled a critical role in bridging the gap between democratic ideals and political realities. This lecture will focus on teachings of …

Examples of research methods in the history of German Sinology / 德国汉学史研究方法举隅

KWZ 0.608

17. 07, 16:00 - 18:00 KWZ 0.608 Abstract: 德国汉学从一开始就不局限于某一领域,今天对它的历史梳理,也必然是在历史学、语文学、人类学、自然科学等其他学科的理论和方法的参与下进行,这同时也体现了德国汉学史研究的活力和多样性。李雪涛教授以德国汉学史为例,指出近年来汉学史研究的范式,已经从之前的"内部论"(internalist)或"谱系式"(genealogical)的历史思考方式,转变为了将汉学研究的现象、事件与进程置于"全球脉络"中予以分析,从而形成了一种真正的跨文化全球史研究。 Speaker: Prof. Li is an expert among other topics on the history of Western China Studies and will address recent central questions of the development of China Studies in the West applying a global history perspective. The lecture will be held in Chinese.

Global China Conversations #24 Global Gateway und die Belt and Road: Eine Nachhaltige Alternative?


Thema Chinas neue Seidenstraße steht international in der Kritik: Unter Ihrem Dach werden neue Kohlekraftwerke errichten und Geld an Staaten verliehen, die längst hoch verschuldet sind. 2021 reagiert die EU: Mit der Global Gateway Initiative will sie eine werte-basierte Alternative bieten. Es sind knapp 300 Milliarden Euro bis 2027 für „nachhaltige und hochwertige Projekte, die …