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CeMEAS continuously works to provide resources and to create research networks that encourage and strengthen interdisciplinary research on East Asia. The following links provide an overview of the resources available at the University of Göttingen and beyond.

Asia related resources in Göttingen are among the largest and most comprehensive in Nothern Germany. Due to the long history of the Department of East Asian Studies and its traditional focus on pre-modern China, the University library contains a top-class collection with regard to that period. Since 2008, the focus has shifted towards modern China. Consequently, the collection of literature on history, philosophy, religion, law, politics, society and economy of East Asia has grown considerably.

Next to a large amount of primary and secondary print sources, our library provides a multimedia collection and access to several online databases and East Asia related e-journals.

Departments and Academic Programs

Academia Sinica
CeMIS – Center for Modern Indian Studies
Department of East Asian Studies
Department for Human Resource Management China/Asia
Max Planck Institute
Sino-German Insitute for Legal Studies

Libraries of Göttingen University

Library of the Center for Humanities
Göttingen State and University Library

Research and e-journals selection

BAS – Bibliography of Asian Studies
Cross Asia
China Academic Journals
China Quarterly
ISI – Web of Science
Journal of Asian Studies
MCLC – Resource Center
SSELP – Sinological Serials in European Libraries Project