Interdisciplinary Lecture Series: Europe and the Global Economy

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series:
Europe and the Global Economy

Tuesdays 4-6 p.m., VG1.103

The public lecture series presents current research on Europe’s interrelationship with the global economy (past and present). Speakers from various disciplines provide a wide array of specialized topics to explore different facets of European engagement with economic globalization including: issues of trade and international investment, multinational companies and organizations, cross-cultural management and marketing, transfers of knowledge and know-how, questions of development and immigrant entrepreneurship, as well as finally issues of global migration and international labor markets. The lecture series addresses core questions of two Erasmus Mundus MA Programs in Göttingen about central issues for European politics and culture (Euroculture) and about regional perspectives on global markets (GLOCAL).


Here for the Program of the whole lecture series.


Contacts: Prof. Dr. Simon Fink – Dr. Lars Klein – PD Dr. Jan Logemann
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
Telephone: 0551/39-27822