Recent Publications: Manchu in Transregional History

Recent Publications: Manchu in Transregional History

Special Issue: Manchu in Transregional History

Guest Editors: Katja Pessl & Julia C. Schneider

in: Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies, Volume 15,2018


The international symposium “Manchu in Global History: A Research Language for Qing Historians” was organized by Katja Pessl and Julia C. Schneider and convened at the University of Göttingen on September 19-22, 2017. The conference essays are selected and edited in the special issue: Manchu in Transregianl History in the Journal: Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies.

Introduction: Manchu in Transregional History: Diplomacy, Biographies, Textbooks
简介: 跨区域史中的满语:外交,传记,与课本

Through the symposium and the essays compiled here, we aim to shed light on how scholars engage with Manchu studies in a way that is meaningful not only to Qing historians, but also relevant for approaches to global history. Scholars used the Manchu language as a tool to explore sources from one of the eras that have shaped present-day East, Central, and Inner Asia. Beyond linguistics and philology, this impetus may motivate readers––scholars and students alike––to engage in Manchu studies and contribute to the emerging field of global studies. Framed by the overall theme “Manchu in Global History,” our intention was to embed Manchu studies and (new) Qing history in an understanding of history and historiography on a global scale, an endeavour that has gained momentum in recent times. Manchu sources thus provide crucial access to relevant areas of history so far under- and even unstudied.

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