Recent Publications: Ying Ming Theater Journal Vol. 18

Recent Publications: Ying Ming Theater Journal Vol. 18

Yingming Theater Journal – Volume 18
Editor: Dr. Yumin Ao

Yingming Theater was founded by Dr. Yumin Ao, Oct. 2019. It is a non-profit online journal that focuses on intercultural theater, cultural diversity in theater, and cross-cultural dialogue through theater. The contributors and columnists of the journal’s content are based in various countries and  theatrical practices in different cultural contexts.

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Yingming Theater Journal – 嘤鸣戏剧 Vol.18


目录 Contents:

01 艺术作品图览 // Hiroyuki Abe

Artwork Overview

04 汉诺赫·列文:冒犯与边界 // 敖玉敏 

Hanoch Levin: Affront and Boundary // Yumin Ao

17 缓行中的漫舞:无垢舞蹈剧场的身体与剧场美学 // 王婷婷 

Poetry in Motion: the Body and Theatrical Aesthetics of Legend Lin Dance Theater // Tingting Wang

24 文本 · 设计 · 舞台: 香港设计师谭嘉仪谈表演服装设计 // 甄明慧 

Text· Design· Stage: Hong Kong Designer Tam Ka Yee Talks about Costume Design // Yun Ming Wai

36 一个瓶子,变出一部昆虫光影剧 // 梁婉云

A Bottle, Conjuring up a Light-shadow Play about Insects // Wanyun Liang

41 对话周小庆:跟随戏剧教育实践者走进中国当代儿童戏剧教育 // 李佳玥

Interview: Conversation with Xiaoqing Zhou, Following a Practitioner of Theater Education into Contemporary Children’s Theater Education in China // Jiayue Li

54 The Creek between Mountains // Author: Lei Gu / Translator: Xiaoxi Li

78《水流下来》译者后记:对话剧作家顾雷老师 // 李小溪 

Before and after The Creek between Mountains: A Conversation with Playwright Gu Lei // Xiaoxi Li

82 “Paper Shadow Play”: Traditional Chinese Iron Rod Puppet Art // Author: Shasha Li / Translator: Wei Zhang