Recent Publications: Ying Ming Theater Journal Vol. 17

Recent Publications: Ying Ming Theater Journal  Vol. 17

Yingming Theater Journal – Volume 17
Editor: Dr. Yumin Ao

Yingming Theater was founded by Dr. Yumin Ao, Oct. 2019. It is a non-profit online journal that focuses on intercultural theater, cultural diversity in theater, and cross-cultural dialogue through theater. The contributors and columnists of the journal’s content are based in various countries and  theatrical practices in different cultural contexts.

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Yingming Theater Journal – 嘤鸣戏剧 Vol.17



目录 Contents:

《嘤鸣戏剧》主编的话 // 敖玉敏

01. Editor’s Note // Yumin Ao

艺术作品图览 // 李鹏

02. Artwork Overview // Peng Li

《水流下来》英译 // 李小溪

06. The Creek Between Mountains // Xiaoxi Li

顾雷:身心不和比比皆是,这个不和的裂隙,恰是戏剧栖身的空间 // 北京戏剧家协会

28. Gu Lei: Physical & Mental Incompatibility Can Be Found Everywhere. This Incompatibility Gap is Exactly the Space Where Drama Lives // Beijing Dramatists Association

2022 年莱辛国际戏剧节 // 敖玉敏

35. The 2022 Lessing International Theatre Festival // Yumin Ao

一场距离化的内观——评叶锦添话剧 《倾城之恋》 // 宋佳

45. A Distance Perspective — On Ye Jintian’s Drama “Love in a Fallen City” // Jia Song

纸影戏——铁枝傀儡艺术(一)// 李鋆天

54. Zhiyingxi —Iron Rod Puppet Art (1) // Shasha Li

访谈:莎士比亚剧作的改写 // 李佳玥

69. Why We Still Read Shakespear after 400 Years (2) — Interview: Rewritings of Shakespeare // Jiayue Li

戏剧日志 | 表演流派的探索(一)// 陈鸿业

75. Theater Journal | The Exploration of Acting Schools (1) // Hongye Chen