Göttingen Lecture Series on Modern China

Chinese_Dragon_2012Göttingen Lecture Series 2013/14:
Understanding China’s Global Impact

This year’s lecture series deals with China’s rise and the consequences for the world as well as China’s homeland affairs.


Thursday, 6pm, KWZ, Room 603 (602, 607)

CeMEAS invited a number of experts from all over the globe to talk about China’s gobal impact:

31.10.13 Prof. Bart Dessein Gent University  China Goes Global KWZ 0.603
14.11.13 Dr. Niall Duggan University of Göttingen The African Policies of EU and the People’s Republic of China  KWZ 0.603
21.11.13 Dr. Hu-Jen Wang University of Duisburg-Essen China’s Rise and Cross Strait Relations  KWZ 0.603
05.12.13 Dr. Deljana Iossifova The University of Manchester Changing Cultures and Sociopatial Restructuring in Urban China  KWZ 0.602
12.12.13 Dr. Marcin Grabowski Jagiellonian University  US Pivoting to Asia  KWZ 0.603
17.12.13 Dr. Julie Yu-wen Chen University College Cork The Internationalization of China’s Uyghur Issues  KWZ 0.607
23.01.14 Prof. Peter-Tobias Stoll University of Göttingen The PR China and the International Human Rights System  KWZ 0.603
13.02.14 Prof. Joern Carsten Gottwald Ruhr-Universität Bochum  IPE  KWZ 0.603


Chinese Dragon 2012
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