CfA: SPIRIT Summer School

CfA: Summer School Göttingen, SPIRIT 2016
Beyond the City Limits: Rethinking New Religiosities in Asia

The call for papers for the 2016 Spirit Summer School (July 18 – July 22)
organized by
Göttingen Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology (GISCA)
Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS), Göttingen
Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS), Göttingen
has just been released.

In our summer school we take up the question of how the study of contemporary religious life in Asia can benefit from “thinking beyond the city”, whether “the city” is understood as a spatial entity, a site of enquiry, or as an analytical category. It will call into question many of the assumptions that go along with the study of urban religiosity and will attempt to bring “the urban” explicitly into relationship with its various “others” – such as the “rural”, “hinterland”, “periphery”, or “village”.

We hereby would like to kindly invite you to submit your paper to the Spirit Summer School 2016. Please feel free to forward the CfA to excellent scholars you know, and to interested faculty and organizations.

For further details regarding the summer school & applications please refer to the pdf file here.

Please e‐mail your application to Karin Klenke at karin.klenke@cemis.uni‐ Application deadline:
March 6, 2016. Successful applicants will be informed by mid‐March.