Film Series

43855760_fa16727836_oFilm collection at the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies

Our collection is constantly expanding and comprises more than 300 films. The collection maintains a particular focus on internationally and nationally acclaimed feature films from the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Another focal point is the collection of Indie-Films and documentaries.

Each semester the colllection and the film course at the department focus on a specific topic. Recent topics have included: Homosexuality in Asia, Body and Identity in East Asia, Migrant Workers in China, Nature and Enviroment in China as well as Hong Kong Martial Arts Film.We screen and discuss 10 – 12 films as part of our special film classes per year.

Starting with the summer term of 2015 our films are available for search and loan at the University library. A list of our film collection so far can be found here!

For further information regarding catalogue and library loan please refern to the Göttingen State and University Library.