First Radio Drama of the Yingming Theater

First Radio Drama of the Yingming Theater

The radio drama Tough centers around an ordinary household in the city of Wuhan. It tells about the story of resentment and mutual support in the Li family during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

…. When the crisis comes, family is the bond, the hope, and the source of strength in life.

Edition: The Chinese Theater in Göttingen 2020

Genre: Radio Drama

Producer/Director/Poster: Yumin Ao

Playwright: Yuxia Shentu

Sound Mixer: Qianqiu

Subtitle: April

Cast: Zhuicheng(Father Li and Coordinator Jiang) / Yuxia Shentu(Mother Li and Shanshan Xie)/ Cheryl(Daughter Jing Li and a pregnant woman) / Xing Lin(Son Jian Li and a Wuhan citizen)/ Moyou Hu’er (Yifei Chi, a radio announcer, etc.) / Shihui (a saleswoman, a television show hostess, etc.) / Neng Qian (Tao Jiang, Qiang Zhang, etc.) / Yining Chen (voice-over and a television announcer) / Yumin Ao(Mrs. Lin, Ms. Chen, etc.)/ Shuxin He(a student, a girl, etc.)/ Qianqiu (a boy)


The cast and crew members come from different cities in China and Germany, including Wuhan, Nanjing, Göttingen, Hamburg, Saarbrücken and Aachen. This radio drama is the result of successful cooperation across borders.

The episodes of the radio drama are available on Youtube and can be found here.