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Towards a New Global Order?
Ambitions, Scope and Challenges of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Event Venue
Emmy Noether-Saal
Tagungs- und Veranstaltungshaus Alte Mensa
Wilhelmsplatz 3, 37073 Göttingen


Arriving by plane and train
The nearest major airport from Göttingen (Goettingen) is Frankfurt (FRA). From Frankfurt Airport you can take an intercity express train directly to Göttingen, it takes about 2h to get to Göttingen (Goettingen). For all topics regarding timetables for train connections, online tickets and seat reservations, please refer to the German Railway website. Other airports within 2-3h from Göttingen (Goettingen) are Berlin, Leipzig or Hannover.

Finding your hotel
Hotel Stadt Hannover Göttingen
We made reservations in Hotel Stadt Hannover. Hotel Stadt Hannover is just a stone’s throw (250m) away from the Göttingen train station. Just cross the street in front of the Train Station and you are almost there.  Click here for a detailed map.
All bookings are made under your last name. Please mention “CeMEAS” in case your name cannot be found.
Hotel Stadt Hannover oHG
Goethe-Allee 21
D – 37073 Göttingen

For those of you with some time left to discover the beautiful city of Göttingen and its University, once amongst Europe’s leading Enlightenment universities, home to the Brothers Grimm, home to one of the most renowned scholars of Sanskrit, Prof. Ji Xianlin, and home to 44 nobel price laureats, please take a look at the Visitors Center‘s website.