Participants and Abstracts

Conference Abstracts

Here is an overview of the participants and their conference topics. For the more detailed abstracts, please click here on Conference Abstracts to download the file.

Iwo Amelung
Popularizing science and technology in late Imperial and Early Republican China

Che-chia Chang
Germany and the Founding of Modern Forensics in East Asia: A Comparison between Japan and China

So-an Chang
From Six to Twenty-one Classics: The Expansion and Paradigmatic Shift of Classical Knowledge in Nineteenth-century China 從「六經」到「二十一經」 ── 十九世紀經學的知識擴張與典範轉移

Peng-sheng Chiu
Reality and Myth: Constructing Commercial Law in Late Qing China

Xin Fan
How Chinese Historians Reflected on the Concept of Antiquity in the Early Twentieth Century

Tze-ki Hon
Joining the Global System: Geography in Early Twentieth Century China

Ming-hui Hu
Before Western Learning: Xu Youren (1800-1860) and His Network of Mathematical Astronomers

Ke-wu Huang
From Wenming to Wenhua: An Important Intellectual Change in late Qing and Early Republican China

Leigh Jenco
Toward the Creative Engagement of Chinese Thought: An Exercise In Rethinking Modernity

Rebecca Karl
A critical ontology of labor: he-yin zhen, anarcho-feminism and twentieth-century china in the world

Tong Lam
Sighting the Nation: Images and Imaginations of the Emerging Chinese Geobody

Long-hsin Liu
Local Knowledge and the Identity of Modern Academic Discipline: Centering on the Transformation of Local Gazette

Weijing Lu
Shifting Discourse on Marriage and the Quest for Modernity

Marc Matten
Producing Harmony all under Heaven (he tianxia) – Confucian political philosophy and world order conceptions in 20th century China

Viren Murthy
“All Under Heaven” and Postwar Japanese Sinologists Vision of the Revolution:  The cases of Nishi Junzō and Mizoguchi Yūzō

Kuang-che Pan
The Production, Circulation and Transformation of “Geographical Imagination” in Modern East Asia: Knowledge of Global History and Geography and International Law

Axel Schneider
Chinese critical engagement with modern concepts of time and progress

Julia Schneider
Zhang Taiyan’s early ideas of the nation-state – inclusive or exclusive?

Jiang Sun
Blumenbach in East Asia: the Dissemination of the “Five-Race Theory” in East Asia and a Textual Comparison

Christian Uhl
The Chinese Revolution of 1911, and Dreams of a Better Tomorrow in Early 20th Century Japan – Miyazaki Tōten and Kita Ikki

Chan-liang Wu
Non-Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment of The Chinese Nationalists’ Thought

Jilin Xu
Modern China and the concept of nation-state

Peter Zarrow
Educating in Critical Modernity: Guomindang Textbooks, 1928-1937

Qing Zhang
Glimpsing “World of Reading” in Late Qing China: On Accepting the Knowledge of International Laws among Late Qing Literati