Yingming Theater Journal - Issue 10

Yingming Theater Journal - Issue 10

Yingming Theater Journal – Issue 10

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Joseph Beuys’ Concept of Social Aesthetic Education, demonstrated in Manifesto of F.I.U.

舞台剧《宝⻉儿》的导演构思与实现 Director’s Notes for the Play “TheDarling”

用艺术⻅证2020年:广播剧《南》制作总结 Bearing Witness to the Year 2020: the Production of Tough

你为什么从来没有喜欢过我:读奥古斯特·威尔逊《篱笆》You Never Loved Me Anyway: Reading Fences by August Wilson

后殖⺠视⻆下折射的近代中国《茶馆》剧评:A Review on Teahouse: a Postcolonial Perspective to View Modern China

虚拟现场演出展|全球艺术家招募令 B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival Opencall

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Yingming Theater was founded by Dr. Yumin Ao, Oct. 2019. It is a non-profit online journal that focuses on intercultural theater, cultural diversity in theater, and cross-cultural dialogue through theater. The contributors and columnists of the journal’s content are based in various countries and  theatrical practices in different cultural contexts.