Yingming Theater Journal: Volume 13

Yingming Theater Journal: Volume 13

Yingming Theater was founded by Dr. Yumin Ao, Oct. 2019. It is a non-profit online journal that focuses on intercultural theater, cultural diversity in theater, and cross-cultural dialogue through theater. The contributors and columnists of the journal’s content are based in various countries and  theatrical practices in different cultural contexts.

All issues and further information are available via the following webpage: https://yingmingtheater.com/issues/

Here a short sneak peak of issue 13:


01. “当代剧场艺术”讲座系列回顾:李亦男谈中德当代剧场艺术 // 敖玉敏

Seminar Series No. 1: Li Yinan on Contemporary Theater Performance in China and Germany // Yumin Ao

03. 中戏、上戏、南大三校联办“后戏剧剧场研讨会”回顾(上)// 赵昭

Review of Postdramatic Theater Symposium Organized by the CAD, NU, and STA// Zhaozhao

06. 藏在耳机里的《遥感城市》:空间漫游式剧场 // 孙榕

Remote X in Headphones: A Theatrical Audiovisual Journey// Rong Sun

10. 戏剧为生活的舞台点亮一盏灯:2020年度观剧回顾 // 陶星妤

Light up the Dark on the Stages of Life: Review of 2020Theater// Xingyu Tao

16. 蝴蝶剧场新版《梁山伯与祝英台》暨越剧表演艺术家茅威涛采访录 // 炻

The New Butterfly Lovers at Xiaobaihua Yueju Theater and an Interview with Yue Opera Artist Mao Weitao // Shi

21. 2021莱辛国际数字戏剧节: 来自欧洲的故事 // 敖玉敏

Lessingtage 2021 Digital: Stories from Europe // Yumin Ao