Chinese Theatre Group weekly event ongoing

Chinese Theatre Group weekly event ongoing

From this November (07.11), our Chinese Theatre Group will be held weekly on every Tuesday  18:00- 20:00 at Heinrich-Düker-Weg 14, room 1.105.

In the Chinese Theatre group, you can improve your Chinese speaking and listening skills and get in touch with method acting, which is the mainstream acting training.

Suppose you are interested in Chinese learning and beyond CEFR B level. Don’t hesitate to come around and give it a try!

Reference to CEFR B Level ( Achieve one of the following)
1. Finished “Mordnes Chinesich I-V”
2. Stayed in China or Taiwan for more than one semester and joined intensive language courses there
3. Passed HSK 5 (China) or TOCFL Bang B(Taiwan)



Wang, Wei Chieh