Meet Our Researchers: Dr. Martin Minarik

Meet Our Researchers: Dr. Martin Minarik

Dr. Martin Minarik joined the CeMEAS in June 2023. Since April 2023, he works as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Sports Science in the Department for Sociology of Sports and Health. Martin Minarik obtained his PhD in Sports Sociology at Hamburg University with a thesis on the performativity of norms, values, and ideals in the practice of Taekwondo in South Korea in 2020.

His current research is centered around East Asian Martial Arts in connection with cultural history, collective identities, pedagogical application, and political utilization.

Apart from his academic interest, Martin Minarik also actively practices and teaches martial arts, is a member of the Sports for Development experts-pool of the German Olympic Sports Federation, and co-founder of Martial Arts for


Publications (selected)

2023: „Martial Arts Praxis zwischen Kollektivkörper und Konfliktfähigkeit – Interkorporale Bewegungspädagogik zur Stärkung sozialer Kohäsion am Beispiel Taekwondo“. In: Kampfsport und Gesellschaft – Interdisziplinäre Zugänge zur Kampfsportwissenschaft. Band I (Hrsg. H. Bittmann & M. Meyer,), Verlag Heiko Bittmann (S. 215-236)

2022: Im Gleichschritt des Dao. Zur Performativität von Normen, Werten und Idealen in der Taekwondo-Praxis in Südkorea. Bielefeld: transcript.

2017: „Ideological Efficacy before Martial Efficacy: On the Relationship Between Martial Arts, Theatricality and Society“, in: Martial Arts Studies, 5 (S. 61-71).

2016: „Ästhetische Praxis als soziale Praxis. Konstitution des Sozialen im Kampfkunst-Training“ in: Ästhetische Praxis (Hrsg. M. Kauppert & H. Eberl), Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 377-394.

2014: Taekwondo zwischen Spektakel und Ritual. Kampfkunst im sozialpolitischen Kontext. Wien: Promedia Verlag.